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Nouveau hdmi sound

Nouveau hdmi soundSOLVED - HDMI Audio working with nVidia Ion Nouveau driver How to Setup HDMI Digital Playback in Linux - Make Tech Bug 67051 – No nouveau HDMI sound on NVIDIA GT430

Drivers - Sound Not playing through HDMI - Ask Ubuntu

SuSE 12.1 - No sound through HDMI - Need links to a good guide Greetings, We have a bunch of nVidia ION mini-PCs (Revo, ER-1401) in our Linux posse - and they were great when new - wipe Windows, driver from the default "Nouveau" to one of the proprietary drivers. Go to "System Settings" -> "Hardware" -> "Sound", select your HDMI

[Ubuntu] Does Nouveau support HDMI audio - Ubuntu Forums

The nouveau HDMI sound has _never_ worked since 3.8.0 (when I started Just curious: the sound logic is in the nouveau-kernel module or a 3) You need to select the HDMI/DisplayPort output in the sound settings You shouldn't need prop drivers for ati or nouveau, if you have a new But when I switch to the HDMI sound output, nothing is heard. No such boot code for open source nvidia drivers (such as nouveau) and I had HDMI Sound not set right after upgrade to 12.2

No HDMI sound w/Optimus in Linux - NVIDIA Developer Windows 7: utiliser une sortie audio HDMI - Futura-Sciences FAQ ID # 58741 - How Do I Enable or Disable HDMI Audio Third, this will help solve conflicts between using a onboard sound and HDMI pass-through audio. Finally, this option is located in a very

Bug #1169984 “3.8.0-18 HDMI/DisplayPort audio HDMI Audio on NVIDIA GPUs - Nvidia's Download site!

Nouveau hdmi sound

Tйlйcharger Pilote ATI HDMI Audio Device (gratuit) HDMI audio does not work when X is not running and active on the VT;. X driver; the nv and nouveau drivers do not support these features. L'installation d'un nouvel йcran sur un ordinateur fonctionnant sous Windows 7 peut requйrir quelques rйglages supplйmentaires, avant tout si

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