dimanche 31 août 2014

Windows surface rt visual studio

Windows surface rt visual studioUsing a Surface 2 (RT/ARM) to get actual work done + Remote What you need to know about developing for Windows on Visual Studio 2012 on WIndows RT - MSDN - Microsoft

Windows runtime - Debugging Surface RT 8.1 from Visual

Remote Debugging your Windows Store app on your Surface Surface remoted into Azure running Visual Studio There's a full-screen Remote Desktop client in the Windows Store that works nicely, but I It seems only the VS 2013 Remote tools for ARM works on Windows Update on 25 Nov 2013: Just saw Moche's answer and was about to post

Visual Studio 2012: permettre la compilation Win32 ARM

Will Visual Studio 2012 for Windows Desktop run on windows RT. I want to get a Surface RT 64GB if it does. Tuesday, October 09, 2012 3:43 In my first days with the Surface RT, I was met with a not unexpected reality; that For me, this meant leaving behind blogging tools like Windows Live like Notepad++, development tools like Visual Studio Express and Visio. But the first thing you will need is to get the remote developer tools for Visual Studio *for your target remote device* architecture. For Surface RT

[Tuto] Windows RT et Windows 8: les йtudiants d'abord Can Microsoft's Visual Studio Express be installed on a Why I won't be returning my Microsoft Surface RT, Ed I've picked up a Microsoft Surface RT from the “temporary” New York Visual Studio 2012 can build ARM applications but this is blocked by

Microsoft Surface — Wikipйdia Can you run visual studio for windows 8 on microsoft surface RT

Windows surface rt visual studio

Report: Microsoft Working on Second-Generation Surface No, but there are a couple of projects that allow you to run some x86 apps on RT: http://forum. Xda-developers. com/showthre There are restrictions as to what software can run on the Microsoft Surface tablets and other Windows RT machines. But Microsoft has provided

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